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What to Expect

A Personalized Touch

We love to work hand in hand with each and every one of our customers. One of our top priorities is to make the decision making process less overwhelming by getting a feel for your tastes, and showing you things that best suit you and your lifestyle.


  • Advanced Customization: many of our offerings such as bedding, furniture, wall art and other accessories can be personalized and made custom for your home!

  • Registry Experience: customers who register with us aren't just handed a barcode scanner and left to their own devices. Instead, we take you on a personal tour of the showroom and educate you on our many products that are both beautiful and practical.


Both walk-ins and appointments are welcome.

Hand Picked Product Selection  

Rest assured, the decision to bring any product within the confines of our walls is one that is not made light heartedly. We travel far and wide, and often, to bring you a truly exquisite selection curated from only the best out there, all at competitive prices. We're very picky about what we carry because we truly want you to be satisfied. Our goal is to be the baby store you recommend to your neighbors, friends and family.

Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff

Upon entering our store you are likely to be greeted by either a product or design specialist. Regardless of which you meet first, these people are there to enhance your experience by providing you with the best information possible.

So, if you want to know what kind of wood a crib is made of, what pieces come in grey, what's the deal with these bumper things, or which specific shade of sea-foam green would look best against your wall, just ask. We are happy to help.

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